Version: 0.7 | Release Date: 2009-08-09

A GeekTool like application that displays shell output and more directly on your desktop.

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Love to live in command line, but also like to take the mouse out for a spin every once in a while? Normally, it would be hard to leave the confines of your custom bash prompt (or tcsh, you nerd), but now with NerdTool, you can take even your most obscure system monitoring one-liners with you to the GUI world! Scare your friends, lose your girlfriend; the impossible and highly probable are possible with the power of NerdTool!


  • Shell support
  • Image support (both local and online)
  • Constant file monitoring
  • Quartz file support
  • Web support
  • Customizeable font, color, and size
  • Magnetic logs and other tools for layout perfection
  • Accepts colored (ANSI escaped) shell output
  • Full import/export
  • Auto-updating with Sparkle
  • Open source
  • 100% free

Recent Changes:

  • [New] Both NerdTool and NerdToolRO will try to clean up stray processes when they are quit.
  • [New] Handles screen resolution changes.
  • [New] Added "Fit to screen" option for log window size.
  • [New] NTShell logs can act as if they were an NTFile, which means to say, they display information as it comes, instead of waiting until all information has been recieved. So you coud run tail -F as a Shell c ommand now (though, if you get deeper into pipes, you need to make the commands line buffered, or else the y won't work).
  • [New] String encoding can be changed.
  • [New] Images can be scaled proportionally up now.
  • [Fix] Fixed error where some logs would be the wrong font size and face on startup.
  • [Fix] Fixed error where File logs would not append data correctly.


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